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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Questions And Answers About Our Services

What size lines can be placed?

We can place lines up to 48” in diameter. Larger diameters can be placed depending on the length of the bore and ground conditions.

How deep can lines be placed?

Depending on the product or utility, lines are typically placed less than 20’ deep.  Surface locate systems work between 50 and 100’ deep.  A wire line locating system can be used for excessive depths.

How far can you drill?

Crossings as short as 50’ to over 2,000’ have been done with directional drilling.  Machine size, ground conditions and product size play a role in the maximum bore length.

What is the cost of a horizontally drilled crossing?

Cost of directional drilling is competitive to trenching and does not upset the environment!  Ground conditions, existing utilities and the product pipe to be installed are all factors in determining cost.  A written cost estimate is provided prior to contracting a bore. 

What type of material is used for the lines?

Products can include:  welded steel pipe, high density polyethylene continuous pipe, fused HDPE pipe and segmented PVC pipe.